‘The Simpsons’ Is Celebrating 25 Years Of ‘Homer At The Bat’ With A ‘Simpsonized’ Documentary

The Simpsons is paying homage to one of the greats. Namely, one of their greats.

To mark twenty-five years of the classic star-studded Simpsons episode “Homer at the Bat,” we’ll be getting a star-studded “Simpsonized” documentary on the subject on October 22. Rubbing elbows on the fall schedule with Fox’s World Series coverage, the one hour special will celebrate both the episode and Homer Simpson’s new Cooperstown honor.

Here’s what The Simpsons has in store for the Morgan Spurlock directed special.

A satire of Ken Burns’ epic documentary, “Baseball,” the special features interviews with eight Major League Baseball players appearing in the original episode, along with baseball historians, sportscasters, and iconic personalities, such as FOX Sports’ Joe Buck, sports announcer Bob Costas, author George Will, Dr. Oz, fashion consultant and television personality Tim Gunn and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio. Current Yankee slugger and Major League Baseball AL MVP candidate Aaron Judge also appears in the special.

In case you were curious, Aaron Judge is older than the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant’s quest for softball glory, but only by a few months.

It’s fun to dig into the Golden Age of The Simpsons, but I’ve got to admit it is jarring to see today’s version of the show mixed with its early ’90s self. That said, the early preview clip is enticing and there’s “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII” airing later that night, so even lapsed fans might be tempted to visit.