Sideshow Bob Is Finally Going To Kill Bart Simpson Next Season On ‘The Simpsons’

It’s finally going to happen. Sideshow Bob is finally going to kill Bart Simpson. It’s just not going to stick the way he hopes it would.

For this year’s Treehouse Of Horror Halloween special, The Simpsons serial killer arch-nemesis will finally succeed in killing the thorn in his side that is Bart Simpson. It’s been twenty years coming, but now seems to be the right time to attempt it. Entertainment Weekly spoke with Al Jean to get the lowdown from the ATX Festival in Austin, providing some background into just how the story will unfold:

Simpsons producers revealed the news during their ATX Festival panel in Austin, Texas, on Saturday. Executive producer Al Jean said he always wanted to see the Coyote get the Road Runner in the classic Looney Tunes cartoons. “I hated frustration comedy so we’ll scratch that itch,” Jean told EW. So Bob will finally somehow actually execute Bart—and then won’t know what to do with himself after his life’s mission has been accomplished.

Of course, Bart will be back on the show after the traditionally format-shattering Halloween stunt. Bob was first introduced on the show in 1990 and began his quest to kill Bart in the “Cape Feare” episode in 1993.

Jean then took to Twitter to address the reports that he helped create, bringing a bit of levity to the whole thing.

Although, I will say that if the media is sick for wanting to report it, what does that say about the folks who are actually going to kill Bart on the show?

The panel at ATX Festival also revealed that Simpsons Movie favorite Spider Pig will be returning to pal around with Homer and possibly become dinner (speculation on my part). EW also notes that there is no word on the status of Harry Shearer, so it’s still going to be an odd feeling when the show returns for the fall without him.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)