The Hunt For The Master Continues In The Official Season 2 Trailer For ‘The Strain’

The first trailer for the second season of FX’s The Strain just premiered and it looks like everything has pretty much gone to sh*t in New York. The summer series was touted as the number one new cable series of 2014 and things are looking way more action-y in the upcoming new episodes.

Based on the trilogy of novels from Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, season 2 of The Strain looks to bring more old man sword wielding by our pal Abraham, while our CDC pals work on a cure to the vampire virus plaguing the city. Overshadowing everything is Corey Stoll’s magnificently awful hair piece.

In line with the release of this new trailer, FX has hit us with a new teaser poster for the upcoming new season:

Uh, sure beats the worm in the eyeball thing!

(Via FX Networks)