‘The Today Show’ Brought Their Awkward 360° Vines To The Golden Globes

Al Roker – everyone’s favorite weather professional – took a break from his meteorological duties at The Today Show to cover the Golden Globes red carpet for NBC. Chief among his duties was hosting Today‘s 360° Vine booth, a creep-tastic way of taking videos of celebrities in the round. And to answer your question, yes – Roker is that fabulous.

First, “the ladies” of The Today Show posed for the camera. Roker tagged along.

Then Jeffrey Tambor, Judith Light, and a host of folks tested the booth’s size and weight capacity.

After that, it was pretty much a no-holds-barred display of awkwardness.

Let’s be honest, though. Quvenzhané Wallis stole the show because kids know how technology works.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are getting old and still stuck on CNN’s holograms from the 2008 presidential elections.

(Via Vine)