Here’s The Story Behind Carol’s Mysterious List On ‘The Walking Dead’

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03.11.16 8 Comments


The “Not Tomorrow Yet” episode of The Walking Dead spent a lot of time focusing on Carol, which is cool by us as Carol has transformed over six seasons into one of the most badass characters on the show. We know that soft exterior she presents to the residents of Alexandria is a show, but maybe that hard interior she’s got going on is a bit of a ruse, as well. From respecting Morgan’s desire to avoid killing to leaving a cookie on the grave of Sam, that episode had us seeing an old side to Carol Peletier that many thought was gone forever.

Is Alexandria making her soft? Or did the old caring Carol never really disappear? We only know what The Walking Dead shows us, and last week they showed Carol working on a mysterious list. What was it? It turns out it’s a compilation of all the times she’s killed a living person.



Let’s go through what all those letters mean.

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