The Internet Is Having A Hard Time Dealing With That Twist In ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Finale

04.15.18 9 months ago


The Walking Dead season 8 finale just finished and it featured a resounding victory for Rick and his gang of survivors over Negan and his saviors. Considering it was the big finale of All Out War, surprisingly few people died … and no one from the opening credits kicked it! As for Negan? It looked for a moment like Rick killed him by slitting his throat, but moments later he asked Siddiq to save him, eliciting more than a little protest from Maggie and a lot of passionate fans out there in the world.

Sure, it seems obvious in hindsight, what with Carl’s dying wish and ‘May my mercy prevail over my wrath’ being repeated themes over the season. But that didn’t stop Twitter from losing their collective minds over thinking Negan was dead, and then realizing he’d live.

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