‘The Walking Dead’ Showrunner Scott Gimple Promises That A ‘New Era’ Is On The Horizon


With The Walking Dead‘s season eight midseason premiere about to drop, fans of the long-running tale of survival horror are wondering where they go from here. The comic still has years of story to be produced, and the show is absolutely catching up to the source material, but it’s not like they were all that faithful to the books, anyway.

In other words, it seems like it’s time for a long overdue shakeup. All evidence seems to point to an exodus of actors, which likely means quite a few people are about to meet a grisly death. For some, it would seem like a purge in order to move on from the old and welcome in the new, but in a detailed fan Q&A with Yahoo (which is very much worth the read), showrunner Scott Gimple says a “new era” is coming for The Walking Dead.

“We are coming to a conclusion in setting the stage for yes, a new era of The Walking Dead, and that was always the plan.”

With the news that certain characters are crossing over with the Fear the Walking Dead franchise, it’s worth considering that more crossovers and even an extended, Grimes-less universe is beginning to take shape.

Or, this could simply mean The Whisperers will soon make their presence fully-known and the survivors will continue to build a new home with Negan as perhaps, their pal?

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