The Newest ‘The Walking Dead’ Character Looks ‘Lost’ In This First Look


Last week, as part of AMC’s TWD X Reveals campaign, The Walking Dead released the first look of the unmasked Thora Birch, who will be playing Gamma, a Whisperer created for the television series. This week, in the second installment, we get our first glimpse of Virgil, a character played by Kevin Carroll of The Leftovers fame.

The photo above, interestingly, looks like something out of the pilot for Lost, a show ran by Damon Lindelof, who also created Carroll’s The Leftovers. Carroll, however, is not playing a character who survived a plane crash (the plane crash apparently takes place on the new The Walking Dead spin-off, Monument). However, Carroll is playing a character who is “lost” on The Walking Dead. Virgil, another television-only creation, is described as “a highly intelligent and resourceful man who is desperately trying to get home to his family.”

From the looks of the image above, Virgil is stranded on The Oceanside, which — based on the season 10 trailer for The Walking Dead — will be the location of a huge battle between Alexandria and its allies and The Whisperers. There’s also a small ship and a sailboat in the season ten trailer, either of which could account for Virgil’s appearance in the next season.

Here’s a second look at Virgil.


There are eight more reveals as part of the TWD X campaign, which means eight more weeks until the return of The Walking Dead. Fear the Walking Dead, however, will return on August 11th, while the new spinoff is expected to debut in the spring, after the season 10 run of The Walking Dead has completed.