A New ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Photo May Have Spoiled The Arrival Of A Big Comic Plotline

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03.08.18 9 Comments


*This post contains spoilers from The Walking Dead comics*

The Whisperers may have finally made their long anticipated debut, just not in the way you’d expect. The unusual group of survivors that wear literal skinsuits made out of the undead were the focus of a major plotline in The Walking Dead comics, and many expected them to arrive on the TV show the moment All Out War with Negan wraps up. But it seems like we may be in for another comics-defying twist in storytelling, as a new photo from sister-show Fear The Walking Dead season 4 implies.

The image shows new Fear castmember Jenna Elfman in a watery hellhole surrounded by the undead … but eagle-eyed viewers have noted that the zombies surrounding her have surprisingly supple and fresh looking hands compared to their nasty decomposing faces. Then there’s one walker whose face seems to have eye holes like you’d see on a mask. Take a closer look:


Are these the Whisperers in all their glory or are we simply looking too closely at these promotional pictures and picking apart some imperfect special effects? Say what you will about other aspects of the show, but the zombie makeup is usually pretty flawless. That’s got a lot of people speculating off this single photo that The Whisperers are indeed about to show up on Fear The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead certainly seem like they’re on a collision course, with Morgan (Lennie James) crossing over for the upcoming season four of Fear. We still have several episodes of The Walking Dead season 8 to explain how he ends up in Texas, but we have a feeling that helicopter that popped up earlier and the landing pad that was just revealed in the Trash People compound has something to do with it.

Now we’re learning that it may not just be characters but whole plotlines from the comic that are making their way over to Fear. It all makes for some pretty exciting possibilities as Fear The Walking Dead nears its return on April 15th.

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