‘The White Lotus’ Was A Pineapple Suite-Sized Hit For HBO

Over its brief six-episode run, The White Lotus quickly became a hit with critics, and according to new numbers from HBO, the Mike White series also became a strong draw for viewers by the time its finale aired on Sunday, August 15. Despite starting out as a limited series, The White Lotus has been renewed for a second season that will feature a new cast and a new location as the show pivots to an anthology format. The renewal announcement was made before the show’s finale, which reportedly brought in huge numbers, so HBO has to be pretty happy with that decision. Via Variety:

Viewership of the sixth and final installment of Season 1 was up more than 59% from the Aug. 8 penultimate installment and more than triple the crowd that turned out for the series premiere on July 11. The first episode has now drawn more than 7 million viewers to date.

While the show clearly had a strong showing with critics and a slew of viewers, it has had a few detractors, especially after a few fans were left disappointed by the finale. But creator Mike White has been more than happy to explain his creative choices, which involved trying to make the show be “true to life.” In fairness, the show did strive for realism in ways that surprised even some of the cast members. And, yes, we’re talking about…


…the giant poop Armond (Murray Bartlet) took in Shane’s suitcase. Not even Bartlett was ready for that one.

“Let’s just say when I watched it, I was shocked,” he told The Daily Beast after the finale. “I didn’t know it would look that realistic.”

(Via Variety)