‘The Witcher’s ‘Toss A Coin’ Song In Several Different Languages Is Still As Monstrous As The Original

Netflix’s The Witcher keeps unloading a sleigh full of Christmas presents for fans. This week, a smiling Geralt video and Jaskier glamor shots surfaced, among other treasures. And now the streaming service is getting real by handing out a gift that might also be punishment. Yes, I’m talking about something related to the “Toss A Coin” earworm that has already transformed into a monster of our own making. It’s a terrible song, but oh so catchy, and it has transcended the whole of its parts and its performer, Joey Batey, who portrays Jasker. Now, the song has spread around the globe, and Netflix gathered up the evidence for all to hear.

And hear it, we shall. Over and over again. In English, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, German, Portuguese, you name it. People won’t be able to stop themselves from singing this during the holidays whilst hunkering down at home, especially since the show’s audience is eager for Season 2, which will hopefully arrive in early 2021. It’s a mood, as people say these days, and Netflix is doing a marvelous job of keeping momentum for the series going while not actually being able to air new episodes yet. Fingers are duly crossed that at least the anime movie, Nightmare of the Wolf, shall arrive soon. And there are always those Jason Momoa casting rumors to keep one warm at night.

Geralt may not be into this Christmas thing, but Jaskier loves it, and the guy’s spunk and tenacity (“That’s my epic tale / Our champion prevailed / Defeated the villain / Now pour him some ale”) are admirable. Merry Witchmas, everyone.