‘The Witcher’ Can’t Stop Smiling In A Blooper Reel (With An Assist From Roach The Horse)

The Witcher doesn’t grin too much. Only in the rarest of scripted moments can Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia be seen showing the tiniest sliver of a smile, like when “humble bard” Jaskier (Joey Batey) manages to soften him up a little bit with a tribute of a tune. Most of the time, though, Geralt walks around feeling unappreciated (and justifiably so) by villagers for all the good he does across the continent, vanquishing monsters. Well, look for Geralt to finally lighten up — although in a non-canon manner — in a Netflix-released video full of bloopers.

Yes, it’s a gift to celebrate Witchmas. Enjoy Henry giggling and chuckling and feeling highly uncomfortable whilst “feeling like a greased pig” (how glamorous). Watch his co-stars flub lines. And yes, watch Geralt’s horse, Roach, while he flagrantly decides not to cooperate with the very serious scene that’s being filmed. “The horse is s*itting in the background” is exactly the type of blooper that fans of this series need to see. It’s really too bad they couldn’t have left it in the show, though. It totally would have fit the vibe.

Tellingly, there are no bloopers here that include Jaskier. On the one hand, that’s quite horrible, but on the other, it’s appropriate because he’s always bringing the positive vibes around on the show. Don’t worry, though. More Witchmas goodies from last week treated fans to what looks like the bard’s outdoor glamour shots.

Also, here’s a new logo for the anime movie, Nightmare of the Wolf, from the franchise. Hopefully, we’ll hear about a release date soon, too. Merry Witchmas!