Broadway Theatergoers Can’t Stop Taking Pictures Of Naked Emilia Clarke

A conversation that’s happening right now, somewhere. “Bro. BRO. You wanna slam some six-packs, then head down to the Great White GAYYYYYY to see some boobies?” “Aw hell yeah I do. But yo, I saw Phantom of the Opera by my boy Andrew L-Webb in the fifth grade, and I don’t remember seeing any tittays.” “I got you covered, Chicagbro. That chick from Game of Thrones, the one who got the dragons and sh*t, she gets hella naked as Holly Golightly.” “More like Holly I-Wouldn’t-Golightly-On Her.” *they high five* *they kiss under Khal Drogo poster*

Game of Thrones beauty Emilia Clarke whipped theater fans into a photo frenzy Monday when she stepped, naked into a bubble bath during her Breakfast at Tiffany’s debut on the Great White Way.

Hoping to capture the image of the ravishing actress in her birthday suit, folks at the Cort Theatre audience ignored Broadway’s stringent “no photos” rule and frantically snapped shots on their cellphones. Things got so out of control that management at the West 48th Street theater has now beefed up security to keep the audience from sneaking further shots at the show, which started previews this week and opens March 20.

The bath scene occurs after Clarke — who plays lead Holly Golightly in a new adaptation of Truman Capote’s novel — brings Smith home to her apartment to recuperate after he’s injured riding horses in Central Park.

“She undresses him and he gets in the tub,” a source said. “She then goes offstage and comes back in a towel. She takes it off and gets in with him. (Via)

And just in case you think Bro #1 and Bro #2 aren’t based on real people.

Photos taken at the show don’t appear to have made it to social-media sites yet, but one fan did tweet: “I would drink Emilia Clarke’s bath water.” (Via)

He later added, “I liked her pussy…cat #lolz.”

(Via NY Post)