These Links Seem Kinda Unsafe

12.28.10 6 Comments

I like the part with the boobs. In anticipation of the upcoming season of “Californication,” someone leaked a sex scene between David Duchovny and a hot, topless chick.  See this FX?  THIS is how you market a show!  (*pours one out for “Terriers,” listens to “Gunfight Epiphany“*) [Egotastic]

Also, see above.  About the boobs. Seven scenes from “The Walking Dead” that should have been in the show. [io9]

Hmm, he seems like a nice guy. Happy Christmas, from Al Swearingen of “Deadwood.” [suicideblonde]

Her name is Vanderpump?  Seriously? Lisa Vanderpump of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was verbally attacked outside an L.A. restaurant.  In a related story, “Vanderpump” sounds like some sort of sex aide.  Maybe a competitor of Elektro Bonerz produced by noted Amsterdam sex club Vandersexxx. [TV Guide]

Zack Morris eating a penis cookie? Zack Morris eating eating a penis cookie. [Buzzfeed]

More links after the jump.  Probably a GIF or two also, if I know me like I think I do.

Well, now I know what a kinect hack is. Robopanda’s feature on the 12 best kinect hacks of 2010 is awesome, even though I had no idea what a kinetic hack was when I started reading it. [Uproxx]

(*nervously checks outside*). Did the east coast freeze solid? [Uproxx News]

Now who is that handsome, faux-Hispanic devil at number four? Film Drunk’s Comment of the Year.  I’m prouder of this than making Dean’s List. [Film Drunk]

A young Danger Guerrero had a bit of a thing for Debbie Gibson.  I’m talking about my penis. Clips from Syfy’s upcoming movie starring Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, and some giant, dangerously violent species of animal.  I’m talking about my penis again. [Gamma Squad]

Strippers are quite the tastemakers. Want a hit song? Take it to the strip club. [Smoking Section]

I’m like 80% sure Blake Griffin is a Monstar. Punte discusses how Blake Griffin is killing the dunk [With Leather]

Oh, Japan. A look inside a Japanese brothel. [Ego TV]

They forgot my favorite drinking card game, “Drink if it’s a card.” Best Games of 2010. [G4]

Also, any time a woman has slept with David Spade. Five incredibly stupid cons that actually worked. [Smoking Jacket]

PHYSICS! The most ridiculous free throw you’ll see all day.  DO IT AGAIN. [Bro Bible]

And, like, they have computers in our brains, man. Is Wikileaks going to reveal a UFO base?  Short answer: no. Long answer: noooooooooooooooooo. [Fark]

This seems fair. Here’s a photo of 50 Cent’s son playing with a stack of money that could easily pay off your car loan. [Urban Daily]

Aaaaand here’s a couple GIFs.  First, Paul Rudd being awesome.

Second, Raven Symone pushing her boobs up to her chin.  That’s so Raven.

And finally, Elisha Cuthbert is all wet and wants to come in.

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