This Cute, Illustrated Infographic Details The Primary Theme Of Every ‘Simpsons’ Episode Ever

Have you been enjoying the FXX Simpsons marathon? I haven’t because I don’t get FXX (F you, Comcast) but regardless, I loved the heck out of this infographic which breaks down every single Simpsons episode by main topic and categorizes them in cute illustrated graphics. It comes to us from Beutler Ink, a design and content development agency, who writes the following about their process:

Here’s a bit more insight on how we made the difficult decision of assigning shows to just one category or another: Clip shows, “The Simpsons Go To”, Treehouse of Horror and other themed episodes were given top priority. Of course some of these may focus on Bart (“Bart vs. Thanksgiving”) or Lisa (“I Love Lisa”) but their holiday theme carried the day.

Where no such factors were present, we focused on which character seemed to be central, or have the most screen time (not that we did this with a stopwatch, mind you). Where this was not obvious, we went with the character who learns a lesson at the end—the character whom the story arc finally settled on at the end. This was not so easy, especially in the series’ madcap later seasons, where cohesive stories were arguable at best, sometimes arguably elusive.

I don’t know how anyone could do that for 552 episodes without losing their damn mind, so kudos to those guys. You can read more about their strategy here, and also zoom in on the full size image.

H/T Simon O