This Is A Fantastic Collection Of GIFs Featuring Idiots From Infomercials

Working from home means three things: 1) not having to wear pants, 2) your social skills when you have to converse with someone in the real world will be awful, and 3) a lot of informercials. I need noise to function, so I’ll usually leave the TV on all day, not really paying attention to whatever Anonymous Talk Show Host is yakking about. But every so often, something will catch my ear, and more often than not, it’s an informercial. Today, I saw the Eggies ad, which led not to my phone so I could ORDER IN THE NEXT 40 MINUTES, but rather to Google, where I find this collection of GIFs featuring idiots from as-seen-on-TV commercials.

Because, I mean, soda spilling, amirite?

He’s my favorite. Think he’s listening to Matchbox Twenty or any Paul Simon album except Graceland?