This Is The Saddest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Art You Will Ever See

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Artist Joao Pires, DeadPea on DeviantArt, has created one of the saddest, most gut-wretching examples of fan art you will ever see. Titled Goodbye, My Brothers, the series of images features each individual Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mourning the death of the other three after a bloody battle in the streets of New York. They’re terrific, but hoo boy, they are a downer.

I will now rank them based on how sad they made me, from most to least:

1) Leonardo (above)

The Leonardo one made me the saddest for two reasons. One, because he is the leader and I feel like he’d blame himself for the death of the other three. Two, because he has the orange, red, and purple masks from the other three tied around his arms, which means he took them off his fallen brothers before charging back into battle and avenging them and welp there we go now I’m crying.

2) Donatello


Oh God. Sad Donatello slumped in front of a makeshift tribute to his brothers that he made by flying their masks from his bow staff. RIP Leonardo, RIP Michaelangelo, RIP Raphael, RIP my childhood.

3) Raphael


Me IRL as I’m looking at these.

4) Michaelangelo


Part of me wishes the Michaelangelo one featured him sitting at table full of half-eaten pizzas, crying into a greasy napkin after trying to fill the bottomless hole in his heart with slice after slice of thin-crust pepperoni. The other part of me is very, very glad it didn’t, because I might have never recovered.

This is all so devastating. The only one man who can brighten my mood at this point. Take me home, Ice.

(io9 via GeekTyrant)

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