This Leaked ‘American Horror Story’ Call Sheet Reveals A Possible Returning Character


An Argentinian fan site posted what may be an unofficial leaked call sheet for the upcoming season of American Horror Story, which — if this is actually legit — reveals some pretty hefty spoilers. The biggest one being that the actress Naomi Grossman, who played the character of Pepper in American Horror Story: Asylum, will be reprising her role. This is a huge, huge, huge deal, because Ryan Murphy has always been adamant that each season of AHS is self contained, obviously since each season the same actors play completely different roles.

It would also make perfect sense, since Freak Show is going to be set in Jupiter, Florida in 1950, just 14 years prior to the series of events that took place in Massachusetts for Asylum. Then again, AHS has some pretty overzealous fans (See: completely fabricated yet well done and believable fake teaser from a couple weeks ago) so there’s also a chance that this is all just another big hoax. I mean, it would be pretty much a fan dream to have a recurring character come back and not that big of a jump to make, given the subject matter.

We already know that Sarah Paulson will be playing a two-headed woman named Bette and Dot, but some other big reveals from the leaked call sheet include Jessica Lange’s character, who we already know is a German ex-pat, will be playing a character named “Elsa Mars” — while Kathy Bates and Evan Peters are going to be playing a mother and son, Ethel and Jimmy Darling. Other insights are that veteran character actor John Caroll Lynch (who was also on Carnivàle and more recently, Homeland) will be playing a character named “Twisted Clown” (HELL YES), Grace Gummer, who had a cameo in Coven will play “Penny the Candy Striper,” and this guy, who played the freaking Infantata in Murder House will play a character named “Meep.”

Perhaps most revealing, though, is that Christopher Neiman — who is listed as “Salty,” actually has the role listed on his IMDB page. Oh, please let this be real, please let this be real, please let this be real!

(Via Huffington Post)