This Seems Perfectly Normal

Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa have a reality show on WEtv. I didn’t know this because I’m barely aware that WEtv exists. Unfortunately, I was made aware of the show’s existence because Joan tried to take pictures of Melissa showering. The Daily Mail says:

In the show Melissa is asked to do some naked photos by Joe Francis, the creator of the adult video series Girls Gone Wild. For some reason Joan appears very keen for Melissa to take part, saying she is ‘determined to make it happen’.

Yes, “for some reason.” Like, say, the show’s producers needed a story line.

In an apparent bid to persuade her, Joan breaks into the bathroom and starts snapping away on her mobile phone.

There’s video below, and I won’t lie: it’s pretty sexy, assuming you’re into blatantly scripted reality TV scenes in which septuagenarian women snap nude photos of their 43-year-old daughters in the shower. How can you not be into that? What are you, some kind of prude?

“My breasts… I can nurse China from my bedroom.” Thanks, Joan.