Thomas Edison Is A Cop Now, Too

09.27.12 33 Comments

Not to be outdone by The CW and their new show Remember Alice From Alice in Wonderland? What If She Was a Cop? (working title), NBC is now working with writers from Longmire and Breaking Bad on a show about a crimefighting version of Thomas Edison. I imagine it will run for nine seasons and win dozens of Emmys, while a similar, but far superior show about Tesla gets canceled after two episodes.

In the show’s fictional storyline, Edison, already America’s greatest inventor, works as a secret consultant to the under-trained and under-equipped New York Police force. Edison, aka the original Tony Stark, uses his inventor instincts and retro-cool devices to deconstruct crime scenes and pioneer new technology. The period show is expected to have a modern sensibility, energy and tone evocative of the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes films. [Deadline]

Can I be honest with you guys? I love this trend. I vote we go back and make all sorts of historical figures police officers. Real, fictional, whatever. The important thing is this: Everyone is a cop. George Washington? Cop. Jay Gatsby? Cop. The Wright Brothers? Cops. Moby Dick? Whale Cop. Wilt Chamberlain? Cop. Marie Antoinette? Cop. Columbo? Double Cop. Give them all a badge and a gun and full season pickup. Hell, let’s make people on existing non-crime-related shows cops, too. Wouldn’t Modern Family be more interesting if the oldest daughter was actually an undercover cop? OF COURSE IT WOULD. Boom, she’s a cop. Ron Swanson? Cop. The entire cast and crew of Happy Endings, including the cameramen and crafts services workers? ALL COPS. THE GRAND CANYON, TOO. THE GRAND CANYON IS A COP NOW. EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IS A COP. I AM A COP. THE VOICES IN MY HEAD ARE COPS. THIS GUY I AM YELLING AT ON THE STREET IS A COP. THESE COPS COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY ARE COPS. THIS POLICE CAR IS A COP. THIS COURT APPOINTED PSYCHIATRIST IS A COP. COP COP COP COP.

[gets locked away in an asylum, is hired to run a television studio from inside cell]

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