Every TV Fan Should Know These Timeless Quotes

It happens slowly. You don’t even realize it at first. The occasional TV quote here, a borrowed quip there. It eventually becomes so pervasive that your friends and family begin to notice. You can’t help yourself! You’re a dedicated fan and this is who you are now. You might as well “treat yo self.”

There’s a difference between the flavor of the month (or whatever you watched last) and a true, quotable classic, though. For those shows that have stood the test of time, Amazon Fire TV is here to help you rewatch your favorites whenever you’d like. And UPROXX host Miri Jediken is here to break down some of those classic lines that will be quoted for an eternity, reminding viewers how lines like South Park‘s “Oh my god, they killed Kenny!” and Seinfeld‘s “Yada, yada, yada” have become iconic.

Remember, just because these lines are incredibly familiar doesn’t mean that you aren’t due for a refresher, because the truly great shows have jokes that you’ve missed the first (or third) time around.

And because winter is really coming, now’s the perfect time to browse through your favorites on Amazon Fire TV. Who knows, you may even get a new go-to quote out of the deal.