Timothée Chalamet And John Mulaney Are Trading Friendly Jabs On Twitter And It’s Wonderful

Ever since he and frequent collaborator Nick Kroll co-hosted the 2018 Independent Spirit Awards in March, comedian John Mulaney has taken it upon himself to roast Call Me By Your Name actor Timothée Chalamet at every opportunity. He did so during his and Kroll’s opening monologue for the independent film industry’s equivalent to the Academy Awards, and he told many of the same jokes (albeit with some updates) during his time on stage for Seth Rogen’s recent Netflix special, Hilarity for Charity. Needless to say, Chalamet was bound to see Mulaney’s latest jabs thanks to their repetition.

Sure enough, the Oscar nominee saw the comedian’s routine latest routine and acknowledged it on Twitter. “He’s like 21 years old,” Mulaney says in the above clip. “It’s a joke when she kids me about it, but it’s not a joke.” When Chalamet was asked if he had seen the Hilarity for Charity bit, he said he had. “I watched it from the gas station,” he explained.

Seeing as how Chalamet is a professional actor and not a gas station attendant, this tweet might not make sense. It will, however, if you recall the actor’s clothing choices for the Spirit Awards in March, and Mulaney and Kroll’s jokes about them. Chalamet wore a button-down shirt that, aside from a logo patch on the left breast pocket, was all white. So after Mulaney told the crowd then about his wife’s love for the young actor, Kroll chimed in, “Thanks for taking a break from the gas station to come over here.”

Noticing Chalamet’s use of Kroll’s joke to respond to his Hilarity for Charity appearance, Mulaney wrote, “I joke ONLY because I am an enormous fan, in awe of your talent, & terrified of my own age and mortality.”