John Mulaney And Nick Kroll Take On Harvey Weinstein And Brett Ratner In Their Spirit Awards Opening Monologue

After they hilariously debuted their “new hipster personas” on Conan, people were ready to see what Nick Kroll and John Mulaney would bring to their hosting gig at the International Spirit Awards on Saturday night. It’s safe to say that they did not disappoint. Time’s Up and the #MeToo movement have been one of the dominating factors of 2018’s award season, and Kroll and Mulaney did not shy away from addressing the new normal.

“Last year everyone famous died; this year everyone famous wishes they were dead. The rules have changed for men. Some men are like, ‘Can we hug women anymore?’ Not the way you’re doing it, all breathy.”

They also hilariously skewered the major nominees, with Mulaney admitting that his wife is in love with Call Me By Your Name star Timotheé Chalamet, “and it hurts my feelings.” However, the best bit might be from Kroll mocking his own privilege.

“Jordan [Peele], I’ve gotta say, man, I loved Get Out, but I gotta be honest: It kind of ruined being white for me. Pretty bummed out about it now. It’s like Lady Bird, Black Panther. It’s like women, people of color. What have you left for us white males? Everything. We still basically control everything.”

The entire monologue is a must watch, and will probably make everything at Sunday’s Oscar ceremony seem stuffy by comparison.