T.J. Miller Shoved A Safety Pin Through His Ear To Show Solidarity On ‘Conan’

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T.J. Miller has been making the rounds to promote Office Christmas Party, the ensemble comedy he stars in which was released in theaters nationwide today. Of course, you never know what do expect from a T.J. late night interview (or local morning show interview, for that matter), so naturally Miller showed up on Conan Thursday night with a safety pin freshly jabbed through his ear.

When asked about his last appearance on the show during which Miller apparently burned a Donald Trump tie, and whether or not he regrets doing that now that Trump has been elected, Miller plainly responded “No.” He went on to call the president-elect a con man and talked about how the country is broken, which means that therefore it can be fixed (“This is an opportunity, with an emphasis on unity — I’m making T-shirts Andy!”), but it was at that point Conan interrupted him to mention that his ear was bleeding.

Citing the “safety pin movement,” Miller told Conan, “I did it at the last minute because my wife Kate was like you know, you should show solidarity.” When Conan and Andy later pointed out — as blood began pouring down his neck and shoulder — that maybe you’re supposed to put the pin in your coat, Miller retorted, “When you’re not hardcore, yeah, sure!”

Of course, the whole thing was obviously faked. But who didn’t know that? Attendees and journalists who attended the GQ 2016 Men of the Year party, as well as Vulture’s Awards Season Party, both of which Miller turned up at later, still with the bloody safety pin danging from his ear and fake blood stained all over his shirt and suit jacket.

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He must have a very understanding and/or co-conspiring wife.

(Via The Sun)