TLC Will Finally Give Americans What They’ve Always Wanted: A Show About Nudists Buying Houses

Americans have been clamoring for a reality show about the nudist real estate market for as long as anyone can remember. “WHY HAS NO ONE CREATED AN UNSCRIPTED SERIES ABOUT THE DIFFICULTIES NUDISTS FACE WHILE SHOPPING FOR A HOUSE?” they’ve shouted into the heavens during a driving rainstorm, like the tortured protagonist of a mid-90s action movie. Well, finally, the wait appears to be over, as TLC will run a special titled Buying Naked on November 20, with the hope of turning it into a full series.

The special follows two nudist couples as they search for their dream homes. “Turns out, finding a home for a nudist couple is treacherous. Sharp corners and cramped kitchens “can injure the house’s inhabitants without the barrier of a basic T-shirt,” TLC explained. Enter Jackie Youngblood, a real estate agent who “has proven to be an authority figure on finding prime real estate for her clothing-optional clientele.” [Deadline]

A realtor named Jackie Youngblood who “has proven to be an authority figure on finding prime real estate for her clothing-optional clientele” sounds like a character Scott Aukerman would introduce as the second guest on an episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!. I’m not 100% convinced it’s not. Not yet, at least.

Anyway, guess which state the reality show about the realtor who specializes in selling houses to naked people takes place in. Go ahead. Guess.

It all takes place in Pasco County, FL, which TLC says is home to one of the world’s largest nudist communities.

There it is. The trailer is below, but fair warning, it is NSFW if you work somewhere where you can’t look at bare butts. I have remedied this situation in the banner picture by MS Painting jorts and a red Polo shirt on the man on the left, and a flowing yellow polka dot sundress on his wife. Here to help.