Having Tom Cruise’s Phone Number Means He Might Ask To Land His Helicopter In Your Yard

Tom Cruise is to the United Kingdom as pigeons are to New York City: he’s everywhere.

The actor, who’s currently filming the seventh Mission: Impossible movie in Europe, posed for a photo with the employees of Indian restaurant Asha’s after eating not one but two dishes of chicken tikka masala. I have never related to Tom Cruise more. He also landed his helicopter in a family’s garden because the nearby airport was closed:

Tom Cruise landed by helicopter in Alison Webb’s Warwickshire garden. The family had only been told an unnamed VIP needed somewhere to land as the nearby airport was shut. Cruise posed for pictures and gave a free helicopter ride to Ms. Webb’s children and her partner’s children.

James Corden can relate. “This summer, me and Tom Cruise were texting about meeting up in London,” The Late Late Show host said during Tuesday’s episode (he prefaced the story with a self-aware warning that “there’s no way to say this without sounding like a prick”). “He sent me a text saying, ‘Whereabouts are you staying?’ And I said, ‘I’m staying in St. Johns Wood,’ which is pretty central in London… He said, ‘Cool, can I land my helicopter there?’ And I just presumed he was joking.” Tom Cruise does not joke.

Here’s the evidence of their text conversation:


I have spent the last 10 minutes wondering if the “T” in that one text means “thanks” or if it stands for “Tom,” like how Tom Hanks ends his tweets with “Hanx” (what is it with Toms?). Also, it’s almost too perfect that Cruise responds to the crying emojis with “does this mean no?” Being text friends with Tom Cruise seems like a lot of responsiblity.

You can watch The Late Late Show clip above.