Tom Ellis Has Landed The Devilish Lead Role In Fox’s ‘Lucifer’ TV Series

Vertigo Comics/Shutterstock

As we reported recently, the classic Vertigo comic series Lucifer is coming to TV screens courtesy of producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Len Wiseman, and we now know who will be playing the father of all lies himself.

Lucifer will be played by Welsh actor Tom Ellis. Tom has some experience with fantasy-flavored TV shows, as he’s previously had roles on Once Upon a Time, Merlin, Gothica and Doctor Who. Whether Ellis can step up and do justice to possibly the most juicy role an actor can get remains to be seen.

As we previously detailed, Lucifer will be a supernatural crime drama, in which the lord of hell becomes bored with his duties and moves to Los Angeles to help the LAPD bust bad guys. Seems like Lucifer should have bigger goals while on Earth, but who am I to question the devil?

Now, the big question: Will fans make as big a stink about brown-haired Tom Ellis playing Lucifer as they did about brown haired Keanu Reeves playing John Constantine? For the sake of consistency, let’s hope so.

Via TVLine