Trevor Noah Goes Toe To Toe With Tomi Lahren: ‘Why Are You So Angry?’

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If you’re unaware of Tomi Lahren from your Facebook feed or her work on The Blaze, this interview with The Daily Show will give you the full experience. Trevor Noah shares a short clip to give the audience a little background on Lahren’s work — not his first time diving into it — and spends most of the interview in a defensive stance with the outspoken conservative pundit.

Lahren is reportedly more popular than Donald Trump on Facebook and her rhetoric fits right in with plenty of his campaign stances, with a focus on Black Lives Matter. It’s definitely one of the first times we’ve seen Noah get heated during an interview, reminiscent of Jon Stewart taking on Jonah Goldberg or Jim Cramer. The difference is that Noah still seems a little shocked by some of Lahren’s statements. When she drops lines about not seeing color, calling Black Lives Matter a violent organization, and some questionable things about the KKK, you see Noah sorta react with the crowd.

There’s plenty of groans throughout the appearance, but I’ll give Lahren some credit for sticking to her guns. Those guns might look like the cartoon one from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? but they don’t change throughout the interview. I give more credit to Trevor Noah for not taking it easy and putting some defense up against Lahren the entire time. There’s also a few nice jokes in there.

And I don’t think she ever answered his question.

(Via The Daily Show)