Pick Apart The Madness Of ‘Too Many Cooks’ With The Best Of Creator Casper Kelly’s Reddit AMA

You’ve probably watched Too Many Cooks by this point, and you’re a nut if you haven’t. I’ve forced almost everyone I know to watch it and even made the creepy connection that my friend looks exactly like the murderer in the clip. It is probably one of the funnier things I’ve seen in a long while and I don’t mind writing about it one more time.

We got a little insight into what went into Adult Swim’s viral hit from Casper Kelly himself via an interview with Entertainment Weekly, but the normal folks at Reddit got to pick his brain a bit during his recent AMA alongside editor and creative consultant Paul Painter. You just don’t know what you miss when you’re so caught up in the weird genius of it all, so let’s take a look at the best of their Q&A:

How many times do you think you guys listened to that song? Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, but jesus, I can’t get it out of my head and I only listened to it twice. It’s pretty maddening.

CK: Rough guess but maybe 1000.

Did you have any idea this would become as big as it did? Also was the timeslot it was put in part of the joke or was there some other reasoning behind it?

CK: No idea. I knew we liked up but no idea it would work at all.
I didn’t think people would ever watch it more than once so I was even wondering if I should have arrows pointing to William so they would get those little Easter Eggs. That was a bad idea and luckily I didn’t do it.

PP: The timeslot gave us our budget and we filled it. I thought 100 weirdos tops would see this. It was truly a passion project.

Do you realize that you’ve completely shut down and demoralized countless visual comedians like myself by completely mastering and finishing the genre? You bastards.