Tracy Jordan Quotes For When You Want To Be Your True Self At Work

No one on 30 Rock was particularly good at their job (sorry, Liz), but no one was better at wasting time and avoiding responsibility than Tracy Jordan. While he had the comedic talent to still be an essential member of the TGS team, Tracy was the king of finding an excuse to avoid working in the name of being himself, whether it was just a day to celebrate his iguana’s birthday or hiding out in Liz’s apartment for months pretending to be in Africa. No specific country. Just the general area of Africa.

While you probably don’t have the star power to pull the kind of goof off moves that Tracy mastered, you may still find yourself in a stressful moment when you just need a break from the burden of being who you’re supposed to be all the damn time. Which is to say, a break from being responsible, polite, and/or conventional. And if you decide that you want to let the true you out into the wild, channel your inner Tracy Jordan and live your life how YOU want.

(Disclaimer: I am not legally responsible if this behavior gets you fired. Sorry. You didn’t star in Funky Grandma Be Trippin’. There’s a certain amount of latitude that that gets you.)