Tracy Morgan Tells Conan That He Forgives The Walmart Truck Driver Who Almost Killed Him

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In a frank and open conversation with Conan O’Brien, Tracy Morgan says that he forgives the Walmart truck driver who nearly killed him a few years back – and did kill one of his close friends. During the interview, Tracy insists that he’s not mad at the man responsible and has forgiven him but that his white neighbors are still very mad at the driver because if not for the money Tracy gained in the settlement, he wouldn’t be living next door.

It is astonishing that somebody can go through such adversity and loss and still maintain such a self deprecating sense of humor, but if anybody can do it Tracy has proven that it is definitely him. Earlier this year the driver pleaded guilty to manslaughter after he was indicted on many additional counts of vehicular homicide, manslaughter, and assault. The undisclosed settlement that Tracy and the other survivors received from Walmart has never been disclosed but it was apparently enough for him to move into a nice neighborhood where he could drive his shiny Lamborghini around at 30 miles per hour so everyone can get a good look at his fancy ride. A true example of living the dream – even if that specific version of the American Dream came about due to a horrific and tragic event.

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