The Trailer For Aaron Paul’s New TV Series Looks Incredible

With Amazon winning Golden Globes for best comedy two years in a row with Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle, Hulu is not about to be left behind. They fetched their first Golden Globe nomination this year with the spectacular series Casual, and they’re gunning for another next year with the new series, The Path.

The Path comes from creator Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood) and while the subject matter (a cult of some sort) is a departure for him, the emotional themes surrounding family remain consistent. The series follows a man played by Aaron Paul who converts into a controversial following after he suffers a crisis of faith. The cult leader is played by Hugh Dancy, while the wife of Paul’s character is played by Michelle Monaghan. Kathleen Turner plays the mother of the cult leader (perfect!), while Rockmond Dunbar plays a detective (as usual).

The trailer looks intense, but Katims can be counted on for poignant, relatable storylines even in the midst of a premise surrounding a cult. Paul will be appearing in his first regular television gig since Breaking Bad; Hugh Dancy is coming off Hannibal; and Michelle Monaghan was last seen on TV in the first season of True Detective. That’s a potent combination, and one that is sure to make Hulu a major player in the streaming game, where it looks like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are quickly becoming this generation’s version of network television.

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