Trevor Moore Promises That ‘The Whitest Kids U’Know’ Movie Is Coming

Comedy Central/Uproxx

If you’re reading this on the day it publishes, then you can hop over to Trevor Moore‘s 24-hour Facebook Live marathon before the clock strikes midnight. Unlike his clean shaven-appearance in his new Comedy Central special The Story of Our Times, which premieres once the Facebook Live event ends, the Whitest Kids U’Know veteran is now displaying a bit of unkempt stubble. He’s also quite tired, which makes complete sense given the circumstances. “I’ve stayed awake for 24 hours before, but I’ve never hosted anything for 24 hours straight,” he told me before the festivities started. “I think my pain will be funny.”

Those who agree will not only get a kick out of Moore’s 24-hour marathon, but they will undoubtedly enjoy his new special, which operates much like a spiritual sequel to 2015’s High in Church. Unlike its predecessor, The Story of Our Times does not put the sketch and musical comedian in front of a live audience, instead giving him the complete freedom to connect several new music videos (for songs to be released on an accompanying album) with a loose narrative, not unlike Pink Floyd: The Wall. Except with way more drugs. Moore spoke to me about the creative process behind the special, as well as when we’re finally going to see that long-promised Whitest Kids U’Know movie.

This seems obvious but what comes first, the bigger idea for the special or the individual music videos?

There was really no first or second. I mean, I did have ideas for the song first, but the songs that would be included would change all the way up until like a week before we shot. The idea for the overall special was kind of permanent. The first special I did, I kind of pitched something like this, but we ended up doing more of a traditional thing. Me in front of an audience. But I always wanted to do something almost like a Pink Floyd: The Wall, something where it’s just wall-to-wall music but there’s this storyline that threads it all together. That was the concept.

Considering the special’s drug-fueled opener, the Pink Floyd comparison is apt.

Yes, exactly. Though we do more drugs in this hour than Pink Floyd did in The Wall. And it’s coming out on 4/20, of course. But it was really fun to do that kind of format. I realized all of these issues are something that could be brought up at a brunch. So I had the idea of my long-time girlfriend making me go to brunch and I’m in hell. It’s just my thought process while trying to listen to her and her friends talk about the social issues du jour.

This is by no means traditional stand-up, but then again, I imagine audience input is still important during the creative process. Will you test your songs out before live audiences?