Troy Brings ‘World War Z’ To Broken Jaw Ranch In A Tense, Standout ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

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09.25.17 5 Comments


Where has this show been for the last three seasons? Granted, there have been some good episodes along the way, and Season 3A even had a nicely written arc, but this week’s episode, “Brother’s Keeper,” is as close as Fear the Walking Dead has ever gotten to matching the action and intensity of a great The Walking Dead episode. In fact, “Brothers Keeper” is on par with some of the best episodes of the parent series. It was a superbly directed episode by Alrick Riley, who came over from the parent series where he’s directed three episodes (including “The Cell”). This was a genuinely great episode of television, and not to beat on the “kill Madison” drum again, but it shows what kind of series Fear could be without Kim Dickens’ character, who thankfully did not appear in “Brothers Keeper.”

The episode had a lot going for it from the very beginning with the return of Troy, who found himself back in The Nation’s old territory. He finds a gun in the hand of the corpse left to the buzzards by Taqa earlier this seaosn, and with vengeance on his mind, Troy comes up with a masterfully villainous plan: generate a horde of the infected and ambush Broken Jaw Ranch with them. It’s obviously not the first time in The Walking Dead universe that a character has thought to use zombies as weapons — Negan has done it, and so have the Wolves. But no one has thought to do it on the scale that Troy does here. He doesn’t amass 100 zombies, or even 500. This is World War Z territory: he builds a city of walkers. Thousands. It is, as Troy says, “Biblical” in size. Over the course of two days and two nights, Troy leads the zombies toward the ranch, picking up additional walkers along the way.

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