These Funny ‘True Detective’ Predictions Were Better Than The Actual Finale

The kindest thing most people can say about the True Detective season finale is that, uh, it happened. (Here’s an explainer of the “beyond ridiculous” events.) In most people’s minds, the best thing about the HBO series’ sophomore slump was the stampede of jokes made at its expense.

On a very much related note, you may recall we held a little contest last week asking readers to “predict” the season finale, the results of which were far more entertaining than anything that actually happened during the episode. Below are the best #TrueDetectiveEndings tweets that hit our mentions (along with a few from the Uproxx staff).

If your entry is listed below, expect a message shortly about how to claim your Uproxx t-shirt or hoodie. Thanks to all who participated!

And, sadly, the most accurate…