Allow CNN To Introduce You To The Male Strippers At The Center Of The Latest Ebola Fiasco

You’ve undoubtedly heard about Amber Vinson, one of the nurses who contracted Ebola from patient zero, Thomas Eric Duncan. On Monday, Vinson boarded a Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland to Dallas, not knowing she had the virus. As the airline and CDC scramble to find passengers on the flight, two male strippers have come forward, saying they were feet away from Vinson.

Meet Taylor Cole and Axl Goode, the male models/strippers who were returning from a “romance novel convention” during the flight in question and are now in quarantine as a result. This afternoon, the two men were interviewed by CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield. Sadly, the tagline “Magic Mike: Quarantined at 30,000 Feet” was never used.

A few things we learned about Cole and Goode from the interview.

-They made a decision to self-quarantine before receiving a call from health officials.
-A nurse comes by once a day to monitor their temperature.
-Family/friends brought them groceries.
-Taylor Cole questioned the health protocol of the nurse who visits him. “She didn’t have gloves on.”

Tangentially related, Goode gave an interview with the Associated Press yesterday. He has since ditched the Fabio look. Bold move.