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David Simon — creator and writer of HBO’s “The Wire,” “Generation Kill,” and the upcoming “Treme” — has a development deal with HBO that lasts until 2011, and everything that he’s thinking about doing sounds absolutely awesome, including a history of the CIA.

Simon told Broadcastnow that a drama looking into the agency’s role in US social and political history since its creation in 1947 was one of several projects in development.

He is also keen to continue The Wire’s familiar themes of race and urban politics with an exploration of the 27-year battle to desegregate public housing in the Yonkers district of New York, which ended in a landmark court case in 2007.

…both projects are at an early stage, as is a previously announced drama about the aftermath of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

An early stage?  But I want them NOW!!!!!  Except the Lincoln thing.  There’s no way I’ll ever feel for Abraham Lincoln the way I feel for Omar or Bodie.  I guess David Simon trumps my bachelor’s degree in American history.  TV > college.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

(image via New York Mag)

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