UPROXX Video: The 'Everyone Gets One Paper Towel' Plan Can Go F**k Itself

This week’s UPROXX Video installment takes a provocative look at one of the more divisive topics our society faces: just how many paper towels is it OK to use in a public restroom? We’ve all been there. Even those of us who aspire to leave the smallest of carbon footprints have difficulty limiting ourselves to a single paper towel in the bathroom. MORE is just so so much better.

Well what if an attractive woman with a British accent delivered the single paper towel mandate to you? Would it go over better then? Probably not, you say? Paper towels are just too important to your daily life? Creative profanity and impromptu single entry wet t-shirt contests would most likely follow? Let’s take to the tape to see for sure.

But before that I’d like to mention the 4-hr live 5-Second Films Stream-A-Thon going on today from 4:30-8:30pm PT and featuring our very own Vince Mancini doing stand up. That’s right, so WATCH.

Warning: Gratuitously excellent NSFW audio to follow.