USA Network's 'Psych' To End After Eight Seasons. Wait? What! NO!

This news came as something of a shock to me because 1) I don’t often keep up with USA Network renewals and cancellations, because 2) USA Network almost never ends their shows. Sure, Monk eventually ended, and Fairly Legal was cancelled, but I always kind of thought that Pysch would always be around for us, a comforting presence with an erratic schedule that just kind of pops up on our DVRs every once in a while to remind us that it is there and feed us Shawn/Gus love when when we feel like something light and funny.

Anyway, it’s not official or anything, but the news is this: Maggie Lawson — who plays Shawn’s long-time love interest Juliet O’Hara in Psych — has signed on opposite James Caan in an ABC single-camera comedy about a “recently divorced single mother who temporarily moves in with her estranged father (Caan), a beer-swilling former baseball player. She reluctantly starts coaching her son Tommy’s (Griffin Gluck) underdog Little League team and is drawn back into the world of sports she vowed to leave behind.” So, what does that mean for Pscyh?

According to Deadline, in December the USA Network ordered a shortened 8-episode eighth season, and while it didn’t officially say as much, the plan is to end the series after those episodes. Also strange? Those eight episodes film in April, but don’t air until 2014, while the 16-episode SEVENTH season airs later this month (which means that filming for the eighth season will actually coincide with the airing of the seventh season. See what I mean about an erratic schedule?)

Anyway, the good news is, there’s definitely still 24 episodes left, and because it’s not official, the USA Network may change its mind, although if it does, AND Lawson’s show gets picked up, it will have to continue without Lawson, as her ABC comedy is in the first position. I don’t think the show would work without Lawson.

I am going to miss Shawn and Gus, and if you’re wondering, YES, there is a common denominator between J.D. and Turk from Scrubs, Max and Brad from Happy Endings and Shawn and Gus from Pysch: Some of the same writers have worked on all three shows, including most prominently Josh Bycel. Give it up, ladies and gentleman, for the black-white bromance.