UPROXX 20: Vanessa Ferlito Is Probably Stalking You On Instagram Right Now

06.25.15 17 Comments
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Vanessa Ferlito is an actress probably best known for portraying Aiden Burn on CSI:NY and Claudia Hernandez on 24. You may have also seen her on shows like The Sopranos, Third Watch and Law & Order and in movies like Julie & Julia, Death Proof, and 25th Hour. Currently, she stars on USA’s Graceland as FBI agent Catherine “Charlie” DeMarco. Graceland returns for its third season tonight at 10 EST on USA.

Vanessa was nice enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.

1. You walk into a bar. What do your order from the bartender?

Shirley Temple.

2. Who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter and/or Instagram?

I do not have Twitter. I don’t follow anyone. I just use Instagram to stalk people.

3. What’s currently waiting for you on your DVR/TiVo?


4. It’s your last meal – what are you going out with?

Italian food.

5. What websites do you visit on a regular basis?

Not computer savvy…

6. What’s the most frequently played song on your mobile device?

“Throw Sum Mo” – Rae Sremmurd.

7. The first face that comes to mind when you think “punchable?”

No comment.

8. What’s the last thing you googled?

I was discussing Christmas Ornaments with my co-star, Daniel Sunjata, and said that my grandmother collects them, but I accidentally called them Daniel Radcliffe Ornaments, which he teased me about. “Harry Potter?!” I looked up the name I meant to say, which is the famous Christopher Radko Ornaments.

9. Dogs or cats?


10. Best concert of your life was…?

Pearl Jam.

11. What book are you most likely to give as a gift?

The Alchemist.

12. What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

When Quentin Tarantino wrote the role Butterfly (in Death Proof) for me because my name means Butterfly.

13. “South Park” or “Family Guy”?


14. You have an entire day to do whatever you want. What would you do?

Go to the spa for five hours-straight.

15. What movie can you not resist watching if it’s on?

The Godfather.

16. The sports team or teams you’re most passionate about?

New York Rangers. I bleed blue.

17. Where did you eat the best meal of your life?

Da Paolino Lemontrees in Capri, Italy.

18. The last movie you saw in a theater?

Avengers: Age of Ultron.

19. Who was your first celebrity crush?

Sean Astin in The Goonies.

20. What would you cook if Nicolas Cage was coming to your house for dinner?

Pasta because he’s Italian.


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