Video: MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Called Anthony Weiner’s Sexting Partner ‘Batsh*t’

Sydney Leathers may be a lot of things – opportunistic, advantageous, promiscuous, a world class horndog, downright diabolical, among less polite terms – but to label Anthony Weiner’s most recent sexual messaging partner (that we know of) as crazy, insane or batsh*t is just a wee bit presumptuous. After all, short of what we know from her very lewd and graphic exchanges, we don’t know all that much about Leathers, other than what she divulged on the Howard Stern Show on Tuesday.

But when speaking yesterday about that appearance, MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts decided to just make his own blunt assessment of Leathers, when he responded to her claim that she knew Weiner was a hypocrite by saying, “Meanwhile, this chick is so batsh*t…” before correcting himself. He quickly apologized for his faux pas before clarifying that “this whole thing is such a big mess” because Leathers is considering a porn offer from Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirsch.

Again, Roberts thinks that the definition of “batsh*t” is a 23-year old girl who wants to capitalize on her sudden fame while she can by emphasizing the sexuality that got her to this point, and achieving wealth and stardom in the adult film industry. If that’s crazy, then someone needs to lock Kim Kardashian up in Arkham Asylum.

(Banner via the Howard Stern Show)