What Does It Take To Play A Notorious Colombian Drug Lord?

10.23.15 3 years ago 3 Comments

How does one prepare for a role like Pablo Escobar, notorious drug kingpin? Do you read everything about the murderous maniac? Do you watch every clip from “Medellin,” Vinny Chase’s movie in Entourage? Or do you make him your own?

These are difficult choices Brazilian actor Wagner Moura had to make when he accepted the role in Narcos. As the lead of a Netflix original series, Moura had some big names to live up to, from Kevin Spacey in House of Cards to Will Arnett’s voice in BoJack Horseman. Based on Narcos‘ first season, though, it seems like he did a pretty good job. But what do you think about his performance? Did he live up to the terrible person he portrays?

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