This ‘Walking Dead’ Pixel Art Shows You What The 16-Bit Zombie Apocalypse Looks Like

Mid-season breaks are always painful, but this break in The Walking Dead season five seems more so somehow. Maybe it’s because we’ve left things on a pretty massive cliffhanger, with Alexandria over-run and Rick’s new dysfunctional family about to lose a weiner kid or three. Whatever the case, we’ve got to do something to make the long weeks until Feb. 9 when the show returns. With that in mind, we thought we’d share this excellent pixel art of The Walking Dead cast made by PXLHANS.

The image above is his homage to season five, with a running track of who’s alive and dead as of the half-season finale. There’s a good mix of long gone favorites (Merle, Dale, the Governor) and newer characters (Heath, Eastman) mixed in with the core cast, all done up in adorable 16-bit style. It makes you wish The Walking Dead was more prolific with its video-game licenses so we could have a side scrolling Walking Dead in the style of Scott Pilgrim or Castle Crashers. Shut up and take my money!

If you liked that, make sure to check out PXLHANS’ tumblr page, which is full of videogame inspired art. Take a look: