‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Are Super Emotional After Finally Learning Who Negan Killed

[Spoilers for The Walking Dead season seven premiere, obviously]

Some 200 days after Negan played the world’s most menacing round of “eeny, meeny, miny, moe,” and seemingly thousands of theories later, AMC’s The Walking Dead season seven premiere finally showed us whose head Lucille came in contact with: Abraham. Actually, make that heads: Abraham and, in front of his sobbing pregnant wife, Glenn. Abraham was a fine character, and Michael Cudlitz is certainly a fun actor, but it’s Glenn’s death that Walking Dead fans — including Demi Lovato — are reacting to with the most emotion. He was the group’s heart, one of the few optimistic characters on an increasingly nihilistic show (so many high school essays are being written about what The Walking Dead‘s glass-half-empty perspective says about America today). Glenn’s been on the show since the pilot, radioing into Rick’s tank, “Hey, you. Dumb ass. Yeah, you in the tank. Are you cozy in there?”

As you might have heard, Negan also killed Glenn in the comics, complete with a bugged-out eye. Everyone’s favorite pizza delivery person could only escape death so many times — there was the time at Terminus with, fittingly, the baseball bat, and the Dumpster misdirect. To paraphrase another show with a cliffhanger finale, now his watch is ended. And fans are emotional.

At least Abraham got to go out with one killer (too soon?) line.

We’ll have much more on the premiere tonight and tomorrow.