Watch A ‘Walking Dead’ Season 3 Deleted Scene With Zombie Lori

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08.17.13 13 Comments

zombie lori

Uh, spoiler, I guess? Despite a disappointing finale, last season of The Walking Dead, its third, was far and away the show’s best. Mostly because of an increase in Daryl and the introduction to Michonne’s cat, but also because four episodes in, the writers axed (and shot) their weakest character, Lori Grimes, the worst TV parent outside of the mama meerkat who ate its young on the Nature Channel. Unfortunately, she still showed up in Rick’s fits of hysteria, and even more unfortunately, not as a zombie. That scene was cut at the last second, according to EW.

Remember back in episode 10 (“Home”) when Rick had himself a tender moment with a vision of his former wife in a white dress out on a bridge past the prison yard? Well, a new deleted scene shows how the scene was originally shot — and it seems that tender moment actually turned quite terrifying. After making out for a bit — because who doesn’t love making out with hallucinations from time to time — Rick pulls back to see that his beautiful wife is now a significantly less kissable zombie version of his beautiful wife. (Via)

Tell that to Tina. Watch the scene below.

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