Watch Drew Carey Lose It When This ‘The Price Is Right’ Contestant Describes Herself

As we always say, if you’re going to be a contestant on a game show, you might as well make the best of it and leave your mark. Fall down, accidentally curse, or just say something dumb or funny. Whichever method you choose, you may not win on the show, but at least you might get a viral video clip out of it.

Take Kelsey from this morning’s episode of The Price is Right, as she was visiting Drew Carey and Co. from New York City. What does she do in New York City? We’ll let her explain in her delightfully charming and energetic way.

Yes, she could simply mean that she’s studying education in college, but it’s the way that she said it that made this moment so worthy of our time. Also, her mom’s reaction is about as priceless as they come, but if Kelsey or Mom are embarrassed by this, they should at least take comfort knowing that they get an A+ for their TPIR sweater game.