John Oliver Reminds America Of All The Things It Missed Since Gaining Its Independence

America is celebrating its birthday today, 240 years since we declared independence from England and decided that having a king wasn’t a good look. John Oliver is off this week for the occasion, but he did upload a video to honor the day and remind all of us in the States what we missed out on by leaving the crown all those years ago.

Sure, there’s Brexit and all that junk, but Oliver points out more important things. I would disagree with him that we missed out on meat pies, we just don’t go out of our way to stuff British meats inside of a pie crust.

There’s also the idea that we somehow missed out on bowler hats, but most of the guys I see limping around the local comic shop didn’t seem to get that memo. They really could’ve used a little bit of the pessimism we missed out on by breaking away from the Queen and her frowny face. Cutting down the “tall poppies” in America might be a good idea, especially when it leads to people believing they can truly get away with wearing fedoras and Hawaiian shirts everywhere they go.

Also glad we all ditched powdered wigs.

(Via Last Week Tonight)