Weekend Preview: ‘Mythic Quest’ Heads Into The Season Finale And ‘Bosch’ Is Back, Baby

Mythic Quest: Season 2 season finale (Apple TV+ series) — Rob McElhenney’s workplace comedy made it back to the office after you-know-what forced the work-at-home situation. They built upon Raven’s Banquet success with a new expansion, but nothing’s going smoothly. Snoop Dogg stopped by this season to spread his feel-good… vibes. And now, it’s time to end this sophomore chapter with an eye toward the future.

Bosch: Season 7 (Amazon series) — Everyone’s favorite loose-cannon detective (portrayed by Titus Welliver) who doesn’t shy away from extralegal tactics is back for one final lap, and hopefully, he’ll be weirdly eating pancakes again at some point before this show ends. Oh, and after this season ends, there will (at some point) be a spinoff that will pretty much be more Bosch on the way. Welliver, Madison Lintz, and Mimi Rogers will all be on board, and Bosch will move onto some as-yet-detailed new phase of his career. Strange, right? The fans won’t be complaining.

These streaming picks make excellent appetizers:

Loki: Episode 3 (Disney+ series) — Tom Hiddleston has an absolute blast playing the mercurial trickster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we shall reap the benefits while he helps (or hinders) the Time Variance Authority during the process of cleaning up the timeline. This week, Sophia Di Martino’s “Variant” character teams up with Loki, and the show inserted a significant detail into canon while appearing to also confirm a theory about the TVA. Also, the episode looks like a straight-up Doctor Who set.

Central Park: Season 2 (Apple TV+ series) — Get ready for more animated musical madness that takes on themes of gentrification and capitalism with such an ease that feels, well, natural. Voice performances from Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Stanley Tucci, and Daveed Diggs will all entertain with whimsy, and oh, do not forget the presence of Tituss Burgess, ever. The series is co-created by Loren Bouchard of Bob’s Burgers fame, and it’s a heartwarming and unique comedy series following a cast of evolving characters.

False Positive (Hulu film) — Hide your uteruses! Pierce Brosnan is the worst fertility doctor. As if being a woman wasn’t hard enough, Hulu (through this A24 film) will give us even more fuel to dread going to a gynecologist, or baby doctor, or fertility whiz, or whatever term you want to use. Ilana Glazer stars as one half of a couple, alongside Justin Theroux, who seeks to become pregnant, and things aren’t exactly going well with the natural route. And from there, things get all Rosemary’s Baby in a very 2021 way, and in an entertaining way, too, while everyone slowly realizes that something is simply not right with Brosnan’s Dr. Awesome. From there, the this trailer shows how the gaslighting really kicks in, and could it be… Satan?

The Ice Road (Netflix film) — Did you want to see Liam Neeson in another snowy film, as in The Grey? Or did you even want to see him once again playing a trucker in another snowy film, as in Cold Pursuit? Well, you’re in luck because Neeson is doing the latter type of movie, and his big-rig ice-road driver is attempting to lead a rescue mission atop a frozen ocean, but there’s a storm and thawing water, and good luck, Liam Neeson.

And back to the scheduled programming here:

The Choe Show: (Friday, FX 10:00 & 10:42pm) — Provocateur-artist David Choe paints literal and figurative photos of his subjects, and this week, his subjects include Will Arnett, Asa Akira, Kat Von D, and Denzel Curry.

Betty: (Friday, HBO 11:00pm) — The main players are all back: Rachelle Vinberg as Camille, Ajani Russell as Indigo, Dede Lovelace as Janay, Moonbear as Honeybear, and Nina Moran as Kirt. This week, Kirt grows even more notorious, Indigo helps Camille with photos, Honeybear branches out, and Janay’s struggling with a new endeavor.

Kevin Can F**k Himself (Sunday, AMC 9:00 p.m.) — Allison realizes what’s really going on at Patty’s salon while the nightmare at home includes a boys’ chili cookoff.

The Chi (Sunday, Showtime 9:00 p.m.) — Motherhood isn’t too easy for Kiesha in terms of adjustment, and Papa’s attempting to broker some peace with Kevin and Jake.

Black Monday (Sunday, Showtime 10:00 p.m.) — Everyone must cooperate for some group therapy that initially looked like an interrogation.

Flatbush Misdemeanors (Sunday, Showtime 10:30 p.m.) — Dan struggles through Zoom therapy with a perhaps-too-honest therapist, all while his roommate tensions with Kevin collide with neighbor-friction.

Rick and Morty (Sunday, Adult Swim, 11:00pm) — This week, the episode is actually called “Mortyplicity,” and maybe, just maybe, this is when the show Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland-led project (newly back for Season 5) drags the self-serious “mulitiverse” concept that’s so damn popular in comic-book worlds these days. Oh boy.

Desus & Mero (Sunday, Showtime 11:00 p.m.) — The duo’s back with more illustrious guests.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (Sunday, HBO 11:00 p.m.) — Please let John Oliver tackle Ted Cruz and take more swings at Tucker Carlson.

Here are some more fresh streaming picks:

The Mysterious Benedict Society: Season 1 Premiere (Disney+ series) — Gather round for this adaptation of Trenton Lee Stewart’s bestselling book series about a group of orphans who are recruited by Mr. Benedict, who is very peculiar, to save the world from “The Emergency.” Together, the orphans must infiltrate an underworld society to uncover the truth about why the globe’s gone so wrong, and except the unexpected when it comes to revelations about the source of this crisis. Tony Hale stars, along with Kristen Schaal and Ryan Hurst (RIP, Opie from Sons of Anarchy).

Too Hot To Handle: Season 2 (Netflix series) — This frustratingly horny dating show’s all about figuring out whether any of the sexy singles can withstand the no-kissing and no-heavy-petting and no-masturbation rules of the house. It’s somehow sexy but not-sexy at the same time, and the show’s inspired by a Seinfeld episode, in which Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer all tried super-hard to withstand the urge to self-pleasure themselves. I dunno, man. Questions of proof abound, but people sure are entertained by this Netflix show.

Who Are You, Charlie Brown? (Apple TV+ film) — Here’s an ode to the most famous (and beloved) blockhead of all time. You’ll see that on the animation side, but there’s much more here with the splicing of old footage to detail the life and times of Peanuts creator Charles M. Schultz. This is so much better than watching It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown for the umpteenth time.

Sex/Life: Season 1 (Netflix series) — This show revolves around a love triangle, but it’s an atypical one between a woman, her husband, and her past while grappling with her current life as a stay-at-home suburban wife. Billie realizes that she misses her wild New York City life while still enjoying domesticity in Connecticut. This leads Billie to do something perhaps unwise: take up journaling about her past sex life. Then, of course, her husband finds the journal, and you should probably expect a ton of drama.