Weekend Preview: ‘Jungle Cruise,’ ‘Outer Banks,’ And ‘White Lotus’ Take Three Very Different Trips

Jungle Cruise: (Disney film on Disney+) — Emily Blunt might be the star of the summer (after A Quiet Place 2‘s success) if this long-awaited potential blockbuster’s a hit, and the excellent news is that you can watch it in theaters or your living room. She punches The Rock in this movie, and he plays the shipper who’s attempting to guide her down the river through life-threatening obstacles. This movie’s based upon a Disney theme park ride, so expect plenty of ridiculousness including Jesse Plemons firing a torpedo at the duo after brandishing a German accent and Paul Giamatti with a pretty bird.

Outer Banks: Season 2 (Netflix series) — This is not your typical teen drama. Last season delivered loads of intrigue and flat-out woo-woo revelations following a hurricane and buried treasure and class warfare between different factions in an overall well-to-do community. There are Kooks and Pogues, and the power’s gone for the entirety of the summer, which sounds miserable, but the mysteries won’t stop, including the whereabouts of John B.’s dad. And oh yes, there’s so much soapiness to the characters’ dynamics that you might lose your footing while slipping towards that sunken treasure.

Here’s some more regularly scheduled programming:

The White Lotus (Sunday, HBO 9:00pm) — Mike White’s new series skewers the ultra-wealthy in what turns out to be a brilliant satire on how obscene wealth rots everything that it touches. It’s like The Love Boat or Fantasy Island had a lovechild with Agatha Christie. This week, Rachel’s blindsided by a visitor who knows Shane, and Belinda’s weighing a business proposition.

Wipeout: The Suicide Squad Special (Sunday, TBS 9:00pm) — Host John Cena does double duty here to promote his relaunch movie in the DCEU.The teams and guests are all trying to win $25,000. Expect co-host Nicole Byer to meet James Gunn while cameos from Nathan Fillion, Joel Kinnaman, David Dastmalchian, and Daniela Melchior are on the table.

Kevin Can F**k Himself (Sunday, AMC 9:00 p.m.) — The “big night” leads to fallout and, uh, Kevin deciding that he should run for office.

Wellington Paranormal (Sunday, CW 9:00pm) — What We Do In The Shadows fans rejoice because you’re receiving a spinoff mockumentary series with the same comedy-horror tone from creators and executive producers Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement. This week, terrifying clowns and a human sacrifice make for one awful night.

100 Foot Wave (Sunday, HBO 10:00pm) — This six-part sports-documentary series follows the decade-long journey of Garrett McNamara, the pioneering and iconic surfer who dreamed of conquering (as the title indicates) a 100-foot wave, which did more than push his sport to literally higher heights while also elevating a small fishing village.

The Chi (Sunday, Showtime 9:00pm) — Clean slate time is coming for Imani and Shaad, and Emmett presses Tiff for a decision. Trig’s looking toward an ultimatum, and hey, it’s block party time.

Flatbush Misdemeanors (Sunday, Showtime 10:30pm) — Dan and Kevin question their friendship following a shocking tragedy, and Dami is secretly hosting Zayna.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (Sunday, HBO 11:00pm) — John Oliver… does Adam Driver?

Rick and Morty (Sunday, Adult Swim 11:00pm) — Rick’s addiction to collecting massive robots finds an enabler, and The Family takes center stage.

Desus & Mero (Sunday, Showtime 11:00pm) — Zazie Beetz is the illustrious guest.

Here are more streaming picks for the weekend:

The Last Mercenary (Netflix film) — Jean-Claude Van Damme gets flexible again while starring as an ex-secret service agent (in France) who turns into, well, a mercenary. There are mob hijinks and a reckless youngster and bureaucrats and an errant son and yeah, this sounds like 1980s movie that landed three decades too late, but hey, we could all use some silly action on our screens to make us forget about the effects of gravity.
Ted Lasso: Season 2 (Apple TV+ series) — First thing’s first: Everyone who’s caught a glimpse of this Bill Lawrence co-created and developed series loves it. That’s a notable feat, considering that star Jason Sudeikis first portrayed the title character way back in 2013 for NBC Sports’ promos for Premier League coverage. Fast forward to the fresh hell that was 2020, and the show surfaced as one of the year’s lone bright spots. Ted Lasso is somehow both relentlessly and charmingly cheery, although the last season finale showed the team losing against Manchester City, which spelled bad news, since the team can no longer hang in English Premier League games. We’ll see how they can turn themselves around, and while considering that possibility, it’s best to remember that Ted Lasso (and Walt Whitman) once said, “Be curious, not judgmental.”

Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson: Season 1 (Apple TV+ series) — The legendary producer and DJ pulls back the curtain on stories of music creation, which can be good, bad, and ugly regarding how far creators will go to nail the perfect sound. In addition, Ronson shines a light on artistry and technology’s intersection, and expect a lot of prominent artist guests.

Behind The Music: Season 1 (Paramount+ series) — This revival brings back the Emmy-nominated docuseries that was once so popular on VH1 and will not be updated for a new generation. Of course, one should expect the older generations of music to be showcased here because, let’s face it, music can be considered ageless. The profiled artists this season include Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, LL Cool J, and Huey Lewis, and one can expect plenty of “vault” episodes that have bene remastered and updated with fresh interviews. MTV Entertainment co-produces this series, which will stream only here.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation (Netflix series) — The very battle for Eternia’s soul continues with the ultimate fanboy, Kevin Smith, picking up the showrunner sword. Smith’s enthusiasm for all stuff geeky has led him down many roads, all of them filled with huge feelings, and honestly, the dude has the Power of Grayskull running through his veins. So, one can expect him to nail the tone here while advancing the story, justifying a revival, and continuing the story of the rivalry between Skeletor and everyone else. Cringer and Orko and Teela are on board, and the voice cast (including Lena Headey, Henry Rollins, and Jason Mewes) is phenomenal here, especially Mark Hamill as Skeletor. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of He-Man, guys.

Ultra City Smiths: Season 1 (AMC+ series) — Fans of Robot Chicken will undoubtedly want to check out this stop-motion animated selection from Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and showrunner Steve Conrad. Expect very adult-oriented humor and the voices of Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Alia Shawkat, Tim Meadows, John C. Reilly, Bebe Neuwirth, Jason Mantzoukas, and Damon Herriman.