Weekend Preview: It’s ‘Succession’ Season Finale Time, And The Roy Family Has A Lot To Clean Up

Succession (Sunday, HBO 9:00pm) — The season finale will follow up on whatever the heck happened to Kendall in the pool. Meanwhile, Shiv (the show’s least likable character, for sure) and Roman are attempting to figure out the GoJo-Waystar future while Logan actually stays kind-of quiet. Oh, and there needs to be some substantial followup on those d*ck picks. Scandal!

The Unforgivable (Netflix film) — Sandra Bullock returns to her Bird Box stomping grounds to play an ex-felon who can’t catch a break. She portrays Ruth, who attempts to reintegrate into society and finds that no one wants to (as the film’s title suggests) forgive her. True redemption might only be possible if Ruth finds and repairs her relationship with an estranged younger sibling. It’s heavy stuff, sure, but Bullock has proven time and time again that she can go both dark and light and always captivate in the process.

Anne Boleyn (AMC+ limited series) — Jodie Turner-Smith (Queen & Slim) stars in this reimagining of Tutor England’s era of King Henry VIII, and history will tell us that Anne, his second wife, did not fare well, given that no male heir surfaced from the marriage. The story leans toward psychological thriller rather than period drama, and the patriarchal society gets a feminist twist here. One mayor bonus here will be Paapa Essiedu (I May Destroy You), who portrays George Boleyn, brother of Anne. Expect a visionary take on a snapshot of time that people only thought that they understood.

Welcome To Earth (Nat Geo and Disney+ limited series) — Darren Aronofsky produces and Will Smith stars in this extraordinary global adventure that will remind everyone that there’s plenty of surfaces on Earth that humans have barely noticed as of yet. The show takes adventures to silently roaring volcanoes and journeys into morphing deserts and highlights all of the breathtaking moments that nature has to offer. Maybe, just maybe, Will’s sense of awe and palpable enthusiasm will take your mind away from all of those horror stories that he’s been relaying on the promotional trail. One can only hope, and maybe we’ll see some Independence Day jokes, too.

Here’s some regularly scheduled programming:

How To With John Wilson (Friday, HBO 10:00pm) — The “anxious New Yorker” (as he refers to himself) and documentary filmmaker returns for more slice-of-life, refreshingly funny accounts of existing in the Big Apple. This season promises some unexpected moments with unyielding honesty at every turn. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.

Miss Universe (Sunday, FOX 7:00pm) — Steve Harvey returns as host, and no matter how many times this happens, you can bet that no one will stop anticipating a repeat of this moment. He knows it, too, and good on him for doing this thing anyway.

Dexter (Sunday, Showtime 9:00pm) — The new season is a bloody good time, and this week, Dexter’s Dark Passenger will followup on the bloody fallout from Harrison’s drug bender. Also, Angela’s onto something.

Hightown (Starz 9:00pm) — Jackie’s finding herself at a crossroad while Ray’s looking toward finally achieving his dreams.

Yellowjackets (Sunday, Showtime 10:00) — Natalie and Misty stumble upon a stallion, and Shauna’s partying on Halloween while, in the past, there’s a dark arts slumber party.

Insecure (Sunday, HBO 10:00pm) — Issa Dee and Molly are still cleaning up their lives while this series moves into wrap-up stages.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (Sunday, HBO 10:30pm) — “What Have I Done?” is the episode title, so cast your guesses accordingly.

Here are some more streaming picks:

Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues (Apple TV+ special) — Mariah’s the undisputed Queen of Christmas, and she’s here with more magic that might possibly make you enjoy the holiday season. Just surrender already.

Queen Of The Universe: Season 1 (Paramount+ series) — RuPaul executive produces and Graham Norton hosts this drag singing competition show that features drag queens who (literally) seek world domination. Representing the U.S, Mexico, Canada, India, Brazil, China, France, and so on, these contestants are fierce.

The Wheel of Time: Season 1 (Amazon Prime series) — Rosamund Pike finally goes not play a sociopath while starring in this sprawling adaptation of one of the most popular fantasy book series (by Robert Jordan) ever. Here, she portrays Moiraine, who’s a member of an exclusive, magical, all-ladies organization known as Aes Sedai. The story follows Moiraine’s dangerous quest with a group that contains the prophesied Dragon Reborn, who shall be the key to humanity’s fate. Whether that fate is to be destroyed or saved, who really knows? Sit back and surrender to the epic journey.

Encounter (Amazon Prime film) — Riz Ahmed stars as a Marine veteran who’s attempting to protect his family from an alien invasion while also attempting to outrun the military. As far as adult co-stars go, Octavia Spencer’s onboard, so there’s enough talent here for miles to satisfy the sci-fi audience.

For Auld Lang Syne (Apple TV+ series) — That blockhead, Charlie Brown, is attempting to finish one of this year’s New Year’s resolutions before this year, uh, ends. Meanwhile, Lucy and Linus are attempting to set up a party.

And Just Like That…: Season 1 (HBO Max series) — Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) are back, along with the Big Apple, y’all. No Samantha will be found, given that Kim Cattrall declined to return, but there will be returning dudes, including Chris Noth’s Mr. Big, who will hopefully be far less of an insufferable cad. Yet there’s going to be a bittersweet aspect to this revival, given that Willie Garson (Carrie’s BFF, Stanford Blatch) recently passed away.

The Expanse: Season 6 (Amazon Prime series) — The sixth, abbreviated, and final season begins with asteroid attacks upon Earth and Mars while war might pull everyone apart. Elsewhere, a secret mission could very well solve most of the conflict, and a former Martian Marine could save everyone, at least until the influence of a distant planet surfaces.

Pen15: Season 2, Part 2 — (Hulu series) Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle continue to play pre-teens as 30-something actresses, and expect even more cringeworthy vibes along with more unmistakably heartwarming moments. Relationships, both good and bad, rear their heads and test this show’s central friendship. Underneath it all, though, this show remains unyieldingly funny and more than a litte bit dark when it comes to what that dog’s doing in the wrap-up’s trailer.